Friday, December 15, 2006

Radio Man

After the completion of this semester I have came to the realization that I am a radio media consumer. Its not that this particular way is most effective in general, but for my circumstance it is all around me. Due to my heavy schedule I do not have much luxury time to sit around watching television(which i feel is one of the most effective forms of media). I work full time, and am currenlty taking fifteen units. Most of the time I come in contact with the media, is through radio. When I am driving to work or to school, I have the radio on. If I am at work we have the radio. That makes up for most of my media time, which proves the reasoning for media being most effective for myself.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Its me Mario

I can remember the first time super nintendo came out, me and my brother spent all our free time attempting to pass the many levels supermario brothers had to offer. Back then I could sit down for hours at a time, while figuring out all the secrets of the game, for example finding the hidden extra lifes. Well mario is back in my house, and the level of patience isn't there anymore. I wont lie to you though, I still find myself playing the game hours at hand, it's addicting! My skills are just not what they used to be, for some reason I forgot most of the secrets and find myself losing time and time again, however somehow my girlfriend seems to be extremely good at this game, that was a suprise to me. Those of you that played this game as I did as a young kid remeber the hype which this game produced. It was a pioneer of that time era. Games these days are much more advanced,Ii realize that, but wei can never escape the fact that super mario brothers helped pave the way to all video games offered in this new era.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


It amazes me to see when products are first introduced to the market at such a high price, and not long after the price drops increasingly. For example the razor, when it came out about three years ago it was being sold for around five hundred dollars. Now to me that is crazy, but for some people they just have to have the newest electronics. I remember someone I worked with at the time just had to go out and purchase the razor, he was talking about it to the point of being extremely annoying. This was around three years ago. I had unfortunately damaged many of my cell phones and was forced to buy too many phones time after time. A little more than a year ago I decided to buy a razor, costing me only $100. I felt like I got the e best deal in the world considering the fact that someone I knew bought it for $500. The point of my story is that razor did a wonderful job promoting their product. After I saw the commercial I definitely wanted one, just was not willing to fork out that amount of money. I guess I'm just not the type of person that has to have the latest and greatest toys.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Sounds Scetchy

Today in one of my classes we had some presentaions, one in particular made me think. This group dicussed the impact that online dating had on society. The main website they spoke of was, they were the pioneers of this era. One of the group members ( A female) actually joined the website in order to inform the class of her experiance. (which i thought was pretty brave of her) She let us know how you would go about signing up, and once signed up, how to speak with other individuals, even how to let people know you were interested in them. For example if you were interested in someone after veiwing there profile you would leave them what is called a wink. After some time this student had plenty of winks, email's, and in the end she ended up going on a date with someone she had met. After she informed us of her experiance my views of online dating changed. Before listening today i figured most people that looked for relationships online were kinda weird or most of them may be rapist trying to set people up. But I've came to realize maybe Iwas thinking of the extreme worst situations.

Saturday, November 18, 2006


In my last post I spoke about my views on the new movie "Borat", well since i have seen the film i've heard the movie ran into some legal issues, with some of the characters. During the production process 20th Century Fox, filmed some college students from south carolina university. These college students happened to be extremely drunk, and mad some sexest and racist comments. These individuals have filed a lawsuit against 20th Century Fox, because they were told the movie was only going to be aired outside the United States. The S. Carolina students say the movie hurt their reputation, and if they knew it was going to be aired in the United States they would'nt have been involved in the movie. If you want to read the article go to Truthfully i think these three kids are just trying to milk these companies for some money while getting 15 minutes of fame. You be the judge, and let me know how you feel.

Monday, November 13, 2006


I recenlty went to see the new movie "Borat" in theaters this past sunday. After all i had to , I couldnt escape hearing about the so called "Funniest movie of the year" . I had seen the television show which it originated from, "Ali G in the House", and it was definitely my kind of comedy. As well as word of mouth , i had also seen the previews on television, which led me to beleive the hype. Within the first ten minutes of the movie i thought to myself , "My friends were right , this is halarious ." As the movie progressed it started to drag on , and the scenes became less and less interesting far before the climax. By the time the movie was over my perception of the movie had changed from halarious, to " Just another comdey i could have waited to rent at blockbuster." Before choosing to watch this movie i couldnt decide between "Burat" and "The Departed", I now wish i had seen "The Departed." So next time your talking to your friends and they are telling you what movies to go see, make sure you really want to see them.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I recenlty went to the movie theaters, and found myself wondering how much some of these companies pay for movie advertising, and how effective the advertisements are. I then started thinking about movies i have seen in the past and what company logos ive seen. I have seen fast food joints in the background, while actors were driving. Also clothing companies that must have paid to have actors wear their products. I did a little research and found that this form of advertising is increasing more than ever. The thing that led me into this deep thought was the fact that i have never bought a certain clothing line because i saw it in a movie, nor have i purchsed a burger becuase of a movie seen. But some people must be influenced by this form of advertising. While doing research i read that the prices for movie advertising is inflating. Brad Pitt and other mainstreem actors are certainly envyed by many, so my final conclusion is that those fans that admire these famous actors are the individuals who are most influenced by this form of advertising. My absence of favoring an actor is most likely the reason that i have not jumped on the banwagon. Have you ever purchased something you have seen on the bigscreen?